The Melting Pot has set the bar high for their competitors…literally! With the expansion of their bar, adding multi-functional seating and built-in burners for the guests to enjoy the fondue experience within the bar atmosphere, The Melting Pot is killing it. Rather than being a closed off waiting area for guests, these changes have morphed The Melting Pot bar into a true destination for guests!

What else comes with these changes in the bar? New, exciting, and “Best in Glass” cocktails! In order to provide the best bar experience, The Melting Pot has created a select menu of clean, simple, and fresh cocktails that are curated to be the best! Since implementation, the delicious cocktails have been a hit with the guests and are ordered so frequently that bartenders have mastered building them, which is also a big help for execution, especially with high traffic in the new locations. To better aid in execution, the cocktail menu was purposely made with a selected amount of cocktails with streamlined measurements to allow bartenders to easily memorize the entire beverage menu. Another improvement on The Melting Pot’s beverage menu has been their wine experience by using Napa Technology equipment as well as offering wine tastings and blending experiences!

The Melting Pot has also implemented “evolution” locations with these new additions that are currently in Red Bank, NJ, El Paso, TX, and Pittsburgh, PA. Within the next year, their team plans to revamp its location in St. Petersburg and continue remodeling all locations throughout the next three years!

Stay tuned with what The Melting Pot has coming…it’ll be worth the wait!

Author: admin
Created: 2019/05/01
Updated: 2019/09/12
Category: Client Love

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