Since the beginning of 2016, PHCP has had a hand in the Limited Time Offerings (LTO) Program development for our client at Delaware North. Using spirit brands and styles along with top flavor trends, we put our best foot forward in planning out their yearly LTO calendar.

One of the largest concessionaire companies, not only in the United States but also in countries around the world, is one of PHCP’s largest and most faithful clients, as it pertains to them tapping into all of our offered services. PHCP’s Team Delaware North works primarily alongside Tony Giardina to get all of our projects off the ground for them. Team Delaware North, spearheaded by our very own Brooke Vaeza and her team, work on everything from menu design creation and editing, to cocktail development and training initiatives for new outlet openings. We at PHCP work across their four main subsidiaries: Travel Hospitality Services (airport operations), Gaming and Entertainment (casino operations), Parks and Resorts (national and state park operations), and Sportservice (sporting building operations). The subsidiary we work with the most would be Travel Hospitality Services (THS).


Delaware North manages and operates nineteen airports in the United States and Canada. For these airports PHCP creates and edits multiple menus across their many outlets, but our main focus is on the LTO calendar. For 2019, we are creating and assisting in the launch of eight main LTOs. Here we will discuss one of the most successful LTOs for 2019, and how we landed on which cocktails to promote based on performance seen from 2018.

In 2018 we saw that sweeter flavor profiles in cocktails resonated with the airport traveling guest. We even relaunched the 2 most successful cocktails from 2018 in 2019 to see their success blossom again. These two cocktails were the Pineapple Margarita and the Watermelon Mojito – is your mouth watering yet? We also learned that Mules do incredibly well with the guests, whether flavored or along the more original recipe path. The one undesirable trend we noted was that brown spirit-based cocktails do not resonate well for our guests. With this knowledge of likes and dislikes, Delaware North teamed up with our incredibly talented Director of Mixology, Rebecca Dowda, to create sixteen new cocktails for the Delaware North contacts to select from for the 2019 year. Rebecca, with her great rapport with Tony at Delaware North, is always able to hone in on what the team will like and take great pride in her ability to please our clients.

Let’s now focus on the launch of the Margarita Mindset LTO which featured the newly created Spicy Mango Margarita alongside the relaunched Pineapple Margarita, which again did very well for us in 2018. With the approval and ability to incorporate professional photography, from Ralph Smith Photography, all collateral pieces have been taken to the next level. You can see from the images in this article how we were able to transform the photograph with the incorporation of fun and fitting font styles and colors.

As it pertains to the creative pieces developed, our designers create six total printed pieces. There are two versions of table tent inserts, which all measure 4.75” wide by 7.5” tall, an English version for the United States and a French version of our Canadian friends. This table tent file is derived from the approved banner version (again one in English and one in French), which measures 21.125” wide by 47.25” tall. The table tent file is then translated into a server card for select airports, which allows the servers to hold the collateral in their apron pocket to present to the guest, when the airport does not allow tabletop collateral. Finally, all pieces are transposed onto an instruction sheet for early airport delivery, along with the recipes and training videos for each recipe, for in-house printing and training. The seventh piece, is a Digital Media Board for their static screens, which shows the artwork along with videos from alcoholic beverage suppliers to help sell the cocktails built with their brands!

In the fourth week of this nearly two-month promotion, Delaware North airports were reporting liquor sales over 8% of their total sales mix. This is quite an accomplishment for any liquor selling business, including Delaware North!

We have helped create and manufacture a very successful platform for the THS subsidiary within Delaware North since early 2016 until today. With the 2020 planning right around the corner we will be sure to put our best foot forward again with cocktail and LTO development to further drive sales for our friends at Delaware North.

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Created: 2019/10/08
Updated: 2019/10/10
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