Tito’s Handmade Vodka believes in the power of people coming together to accomplish big things; and from humble beginnings, their initiative, Love, Tito’s, evolved only with the strength of their growing team. Love, Tito’s started as simple donations of product to local non-profit organizations, but this act of kindness started to grow rapidly and branch out into different types of charity and volunteer work. As for the name, Love, Tito’s, each member from the Tito’s team signed off with “Love, Tito’s” after each act of kindness, which became a mantra that turned into a movement. Love, Tito’s is now a force, a group of individuals giving back to causes, efforts and organizations that move them.

Close to our home, Love, Tito’s launched a social experiment to reconnect communities, one block at a time! On May 22, 2019, Love, Tito’s, along with Recipe for Success broke ground on a new community garden at Hope Farms in the Sunnyside community of Houston, TX, to help make fresh, healthy food more accessible.

Volunteers created garden beds for fresh produce, available to all community members, as well as planted various vegetables and helped with general beautification of the farm.

The PHCP team arrived and went straight to working by pulling weeds, planting seeds, and harvesting fresh vegetables.

Tito’s Handmade Vodka’s core belief is that ‘together we are spreading love to make the world a better place’ and PHCP is more than happy to support that motto.

If you have an ‘Acts of Kindness’ story to share, let us know by reaching out to charity@phcp.com!

Author: admin
Created: 2019/07/15
Updated: 2019/09/12
Category: Act of Kindness

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