ACTS OF KINDNESS Act of Kindness

In Q3, employees were encouraged to seek out volunteer opportunities that peaked their interests. We had a wide range of involvement and were proud to hear the stories!

- A group got together for a bar class at The Bar Method Houston where 100% of the proceeds benefitted KIND. Together — Robin Doherty, Amy Schraub, Jessica O'Sullivan, Alison Horne, Grace Marlin and Rebecca Dowda raised $200!

-  Christy Sevier, Senior Account Executive, and her husband Chris are actively involved with Love Out Loud. In August, Kroger kindly donated all items needed for sacked lunches. With this donation, Christy and Chris were able to make 250 sacked lunches each with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, chips, granola bar and cookies along with bottles of water. Each month the lunches are assembled the night before and then taken to downtown Houston and distributed to the area homeless population. Berenice Ayala, Job Cost Accountant, and her children volunteered with Love Out Loud to assist in serving these lunches as well as to hand out donated items.

- Kevin Phelman, COO, kept up his regimented plasma donation, which he does every 12 weeks! Plasma is used to produce therapies that treat people with rare, chronic diseases and disorders; a plasma transfusion can be lifesaving!

- Linda Alvarado, Senior Designer, participated in the building blood drive. This simple Act of Kindness takes only 8-10 minutes and your one blood donation can be used for a myriad of patient need such as cancer, trauma, sickle cell and burns.

- Brooke Vaeza, Director, participated in a Facebook Check in for Charity initiative through F45 Training in Sienna Plantation. For every check in by a member, a chosen charity benefits. In July, Brookes check in’s provided 10 gallons of drinking water to counters in need via H2Open Doors. She donated 230 gallons of water, and the gym as whole donated 20,000 gallons.

- Laura Nepveux, Senior Account Executive, and her daughter Camille volunteered with the National Charity League to participate in a work day helping to clean homes and do yard work at private homes that are used for free housing for survivors of domestic abuse and their children.

- Donna James, Senior Account Executive, picked up the tab for a group of police officers while at lunch. PHCP actively employs a “Pick Up the Tab” policy — any employee may pick up a tab for military personnel or first responders (police, fire, emt) and PHCP will cover the expense. We’re proud to support all military and first responders — grabbing them lunch is the least we can do to say thank you for your service!

We know the world can be overwhelming at times, but something we like to keep in mind is that we have the ability to make a difference. No matter how big or small the gesture, any act of kindness can make a difference in a life. We hope you’ll be inspired to embark on your own adventure in kindness!

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Created: 2019/10/10
Updated: 2019/10/10
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